Archbishop Liborius Ndumbukuti Nashenda OMI

P.O. Box 272 Windhoek Tel: 061/227595Fax: 061/229836

After hours in Windhoek: Tel: 061/223889

Office and inquiries: Tel: 061/228376

P.O. Box 272 Windhoek

Vicar General Fr. Werner S Afunde

After hours, Tel:061/401558 (H)


St. Mary’s Immaculate Conception

Cathedral Parish:

P.O. Box 272 Windhoek

Tel: 061/238750

91 Werner List Street

Fax: 061/239266

email: Send an email


Dc Emmanuel Usiku

Tel: 061 257862/Cell:0813181033


Benedictine Sisters of Oshikuku

Bishop’s House P.O. Box 272 Windhoek


Cheshire Homes National Office

P.O. Box 2377 Windhoek


e-mail: Send an email

Journeys: Pastoral Counselling Centre

P.O. Box 272, Windhoek (For appointments)

R.C. Bookshop

Tel: 061/255267, Fax: 061/253797

P.O. Box 8315, Windhoek

91 Werner List Street

e-mail: Send an email

CEO: Emma Mulwa, Cell: 0813215152

R.C Hospital

P.O. Box 157 Windhoek

Reception: Tel:061/2702911/Fax:061/270 2123

Administration: Fax:061/2702039

Nursing Management: Tel:061/2702015

e-mail: Send an email

Hospital Patients, Tel:061/229523

Sisters’ Quarters, Tel:061/2702020


Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing, St. Benedict Priory

P.O. Box 20936 Windhoek

Tel:061/311700 / 0812269684 Reception

Tel:061/311701/ 0812498062 Prioress

Fax: 061/311791 Prioress

Tel: 061/311702    Subprioress’ office

Tel:061/311743 Subprioress’Private room

Tel: 061/311713 Procurator

Fax: 061/219896 Procurator


Benedictine Sisters of Oshikuku, St Credula Convent

Tel: 061/309651

P.O. Box 25008, Windhoek

Benedictine Sisters Of Otshikuku, Divine Mercy Convent, Rhino Park

Tel: 061/233606

P.O. Box 8318 Windhoek


Holy Cross Convent Sisters


P.O. Box 203 Windhoek

E-mail: Send an email

Holy Cross Convent School

Tel:061/235129/232472, Fax:061/248008

P.O. Box 203 Windhoek

e-mail: Send an email


MSC Provincialate


P.O. Box 5544 Windhoek

House Community Tel:061/224380, Fax:061/230178

E-mail: Send an email

MSC Linckens Haus


P.O. Box 8559, Bachbrecht – Windhoek

Sisters of the Sacred Name of Jesus

Tel: 061/210813

P.O. Box10374 Khomasdal

e-mail: Send an email


The Poor Clare Sisters

Tel:061/260079, Fax: 061-263501

P.O. Box 24414 Windhoek

e-mail: Send an email


Sisters of Divine Saviour

Tel: 061/306044

P.O. Box 26693, Schubert Street 29

Windhoek West

Residence: Aviat House

Plato Str.36, Academia Tel/Fax:061/243098

E-mail: Send an email

R.C. GuesthouseBrakwater


P.O. Box 88, Keetmanshoop

St.Boniface Pionerspark

Tel/Fax:061/24272, Forsythe Street

P.O.Box 40262  Ausspannplatz, Windhoek

e-mail: Send an email

St Boniface Parish

Tel: 061 – 402897, Forsythe Street

P.O. Box 98531 Hochland Park, Windhoek

E-mail: Send an email

Fr.Timothy Haushiku OMI

Fr. Mathias Shithigona OMI, Fr. Walter Juptner OMI

Fr.Venantius Makabanjane OMI, Fr. Nikolous Mokhatu (retired)


Fr. Stens Thusanang Association NAMIBIA

A Catholic Church Study Loan Scheme

P.O. Box 31056, Windhoek Fax: 088 635477

e-mail: thusanang.Send an email


Apointments via sms only to 0813924408

P.O. Box 31056, Windhoek

Tel: 00264-61-257296, Cell: 0813195988



P.O. Box 61234, Windhoek

Tel: 061-402988, 18 Aquinas street

e-mail: Send an email


 SMIC SISTERS, San Damiano Convent

Tel/Fax 061-242635

30 Johann Albrecht Street

P.O. Box 50780, Windhoek


 Martyr’s of Uganda Parish

P.O. Box 63 Witvlei

Parish priest: Tel: 062/562626 – 563542, Cell: 0813352014

Parish Council/Administration: Tel: 062/570005

E-mail: Send an email

Holy Redeemer Parish  Katutura

P.O. Box 7026 Katutura, WHK

Priest Office: Tel/Fax: 061/261975

Fr. Martinus Nangwasha

R.C.  Kindergarten Katutura 

Tel: 061/217616

P.O. Box 7026 Katutura

Social Unit 

Tel: 061/261505

P.O. Box 7026 Katutura

St. Augustine Parish Katutura (Soweto)

P.O. Box 61234 Katutura, WHK

Priest House: Tel: 061/218765


Fr, Saju Joseph MSFS

E-mail: Send an email

Corpus Christi Parish Wanaheda

Tel: 061/272934 (after 18:00), Tel/Fax:061/271240

P.O. Box 30742, Windhoek

E-mail: Send an email

Fr. Willem Eita (Pastor)

Wanaheda Adult Education Centre (Typing and Computer Courses)

(Mondays – Thursdays 08:00 – 18:00 and Fridays 08:00 – 13:00)

P.O. Box 7815, Katutura

Tel: 061/272934/Tel/Fax: 061/271240

Corpus Christi Kindergarten Wanaheda

P.O. Box 7815, Katutura

Tel: 061/272934/Tel/Fax: 061/271240

Maria Hulp van die Christene (OLHC)

Tel: 061/213241, Fax: 061/213708

P.O. Box 10374

St. Andrew’s School, Tel: 061/213326

Kindergarten, Tel: 061/211700

R.C. Mission Aminius

Perpetual Secours Parish 

Tel: 063/273057, Fax: 063/273057

P/Bag 2085, Gobabis

Acting Parish Priest -in-charge: Fr. Paulus Tomanga.

R.C. Mokaleng School   

Tel: 063/273052, Fax: 063/273052

St. Peter’s Canisius Parish

P/Bag 503 Ombalantu

Priest’s House: Tel/Fax: 065/251534

Parish Priest’s Office Tel: 065/250300

Fr. Joseph Sheelekeni OMI(Pastor) & Fr. Andreas OMI


Canisianum R.C. High School

P.O. Box 202 Outapi, Ombalantu,Tel/Fax: 065-250306.

Clinic – Tel: 065-250307

Cheshire Home            

P.O. Box 756  Outapi



CAA – Office       Tel: 065-250409


OSB Sisters of Oshikuku

P.O. Box 756,  Outapi

Sacred  Heart  Sister  Tel: 06-250337

St. John’s Parish

P.O. Box 5 ,   Arandis

Tel: 064-510392

St. Joseph’s Parish

R.C. Mission Dobra  P.O. Box 2149,   Windhoek, Tel: 061/264545

Fr Timothy Haushiku, OMI (Pastor) Cell: 0812767980

Oblates  of Mary Immaculate

Provincial Administration: Tel: 061/264394

P.O. Box 2149 Windhoek   Fax: 061/260793 ,

Oblate House 

Tel: 061/264545

E-mail: Send an email

Fr. Rufus Nekondo (Provincial), OMI

Angelus Printing Press  

CEO: Emma Mulwa

P.O. Box 8315  , Bachbrecht, Windhoek, Namibia

Tel: 061 264565/Fax: 061/260068

E-mail: Send an email

St. Joseph’s High School                

Tel: 061/264546, Fax: 061/264436

P.O. Box2115 Windhoek

Sisters of The Sacred Heart            

Tel: 061/264437

P.O. Box 2115 Windhoek               

E-mail: Send an email

Girls’ Boarding

P.O.Box 2115  Windhoek

Boys’ Boarding

P.O. Box 2115, Windhoek



P.O. Box 2115, Windhoek              

St. Joseph’s Kindergarten

P.O. Box 2115, Windhoek

Gunichas :Martelaars van Uganda

R.C.Mission Gunichas,

P.O.Box 105 Gobabis

Tel/Fax: 062/ 562626

Fr. Fr. Joseph Nakakuwa OMI (Pastor),

Fr. Max Haundapiti OMI

R.C. Primary School

Tel: 062/563713, Fax: 062/563542

P.O. Box 105


Johannes Dohren R.C.High School



P.O. Box 105, Gobabis

Boane Frieda, Tel: 062/563310

Madi Antonia, Tel: 062/563734

St Joseph’s Parish

Tel: 062/568812, Fax:062/568815

P/Bag 2227, Gobabis

Fr. Joseph Nakakuwa OMI (Pastor),

Fr. Max Haundapiti OMI

Brother Johannes Nangoro OMI

Epukiro R.C. School

Tel: 062/567475

Epukiro R.C. Clinic

Tel: 062/567478

Serafine Morwe, Tel: 062/567480

C. Primary School Epukiro

Tel:062/567475, Fax:062/568815

P.O. Box 1480


St. Conrad’s Parish (Town)

Tel: 062/562626

P.O. Box 393 Gobabis

Pre-Primary School

Tel: 062/562626, Fax: 062/563542

P.O. Box 105 Gobabis

Fatima Parish 

Tel:062/563436, Fax: 062/563542

P.O. Box 588 Gobabis

Pre-Primary School

Tel: 062/563436, Fax: 062/563542

P.O. Box 105


Vocational Training Centre

Tel: 062/563436/562626, Fax: 062/563542

Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

St. Judas Thaddeus Parish

R.C.Mission, P.O.Box 62 Usakos

Fr Wilhelm Eita(Pastor)  Cell:0817390850

Tel:  064/530243, Fax:064/530385

Chidren Education Center

Tel/Fax: 064/530147

P.O. Box 63, Usakos


Primary School and Kindergarten – Wilde Ganzen Education Centre

Enquiries: Tel: 064/530425 Fax: 064 530426

e-mail: Send an email

Perpetual Help Parish 

P.O. Box 62 Usakos

Stella Maris Parish

Tel/Fax: 064/202074

P.O. Box 47 Walvis Bay

Parish priest: Fr. Albertus Sheehama OMI

St Peter’s Parish, Narraville

Dc. Barnabas Hango, Cell: 0813702311

Tel/Fax: 064/200064

P.O. Box 8080   Walvis Bay

St. Peter’s Pre-Primary, Narraville

Tel: 064/205785

Good Shepherd Parish, Kuisebmond

Tel:064/202250 (h) Fax: 064/204890

P.O. Box 7126 Walvis Bay

Dc: Josef. W. Damaseb, Cell: 0812724877

IILYATEKO R.C. Mission             

P.O. Box 182, Tsandi

OSB – Otshikuku

Clinic Tel: 0608068738

Holy Spirit Parish

Tel/Fax: 067/331035

P.O. Box 31  Khorixas

Parish Priest: Fr. Jose Chettaniyil OFM Cap

St. Charles Lwanga Seminary

Our website 

P.O. Box 91173   Klein Windhoek

Rector:  Fr. Dr. Taiju Thaliath, CMI

Tel: 061/240063, Fax:061/229952

e-mail: Send an email

Cell: 0853819085

Seminary: Tel:061/235390 Fax:061/229952

e-mail: Send an email

Students’ Public Phone: Tel: 170089

Bursar: Fr, Vibin Pullan CMI

Tel: 061/236309, Cell: 0856270912

Send an email

Orientation Director& Dean of Students:

Fr.  CMI

E-mail:Send an email

St. Paul’s College

Tel: 061/227864/227783, Fax: 061/236461,

P.O. Box 11736, Klein Windhoek

Brothers CMM (15 Jan Jonker Street)

Tel: 061-236213, Fax: 061/233748

P.O. Box 89 Windhoek

e-mail: Send an email

Brothers CMM (10 Abtstraat )

Tel:061/245515, Fax:061/236326

P.O. Box 8383 Bachbrect, Windhoek

e-mail: Send an email


Tel/Fax: 061/263484

P.O. Box 21445, Windhoek

Internet: website

St. Michael Parish         


P.O. Box 597 Outjo

Parish Priest: Fr Jose Chettaniyil, OFM.Cap.


e-mail: Send an email

Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing 

Tel: 067-312160/Fax:067/312183

P.O. Box 597 Outjo

St. Michael’s Primary School

Tel/Fax: 067/312163, Tel: 067/313800

P.O.Box 427  Outjo

Deacon B. Abraham     Tel: 067/312156

St. Peter Claver Parish  R.C. Church


P.O.Box 324, Okahandja

Priest House, Tel:062-503009

Dc. Andreas Ausiku, Tel: 062/501392/Cell: 0811220661

Fr. Dr. Veranus Shiimi (Pastor) Cell:0816726596

Christ the King Parish

P.O.Box 2 Oshakati Tel: 065/220102 , Fax: 065/221302

Priest in Charge of Pastoral Region:

Fr. Joseph Hatutale OMI (Pastor)

Fr. Antonius Alugodhi OMI

MSC Sisters, Tel: 065/221313

e-mail:Send an email

Okatana Health Care Centre, Tel: 065/221311

School, Tel: 065/221310

CAA-Okatana Office    


P.O. Box 2 Oshakati

E-mail: Send an email

Okatana Regional Youth Office


P.O. Box 2 Oshakati

Our Lady of Fatima Parish

Tel: 064/570824

P.O.Box 97, Omaruru

Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales

St. Theresa of Child Jesus’ Church

R.C. Mission, Ongha

P.O. Box 125, Ongha

Parish Priest Fr. Sanish P, MSFS

Asst. Priest Fr. Jose Thomas, msfs



   Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing 


P.O. Box 125, Ongha


Tel:065/231332, Fax:065/230933

P.O. Box 3428, Oshakati

Telephone booth: 065/175799

Holy Angels Parish 

R.C.Mission Walfrieden                       

Okombahe, Omatjete


P.O. Box 97 Omaruru

Fr. Raymond Shikesho OMI (Pastor)

Fr. Jacobus Ananias OMI( Assist.)

Primary School                                           


P.O. Box 97 Omaruru

Jesus good shepherd

Parish Priest: Tel: 065/273194, Fax: 065/273276

P.O. Box 103, Opuwo

Fr. Veranus Kavaku Soma MS (Pastor) Cell:0814999122

Fr. Benjamin Alferdo, MS, Cell: 0813424632

St. Charles Lwanga Parish

P.O. Box 1179, Oshakati

Mr. Eddy Iyambo, Cell: 0812890346

Benedictine Sisters of Oshikuku

Tel: 065/220580

P.O.Box 1179 Oshakati

Tonateni Multi Purpose Centre Oshakati

Tel:065/220423/34/70, Fax:065/220591

P.O. Box 2 Oshakati

e-mail: Send an email

St. Teresa of the Child Jesus Parish

Tel/Fax: 065/254514/254552

P/B X 5517 Oshakati

St. Martin’s Hospital,Tel: 065/254550

Fr Johannes Nghikevali(Pastor) Cell: 0812146801

Tel: 065/254552 (H), Tel/Fax: 065/254514

P/Bag 5517, Oshakati

Fr Christophelus Andrias (Assistant)

Benedictine Sisters of Oshikuku, St Joseph’s house, Generalate

Tel/fax: 065/254507

P.O. Box5142 Oshikuku

Prioress General  Ottilie Endjala OSB, Cell:

e-mail: Send an email

Catholic Aids Action, Tel: 065/254539

St. Placidus

P.O. Box 240, Tsandi

Convent: 065/258081

School: 065/258019

Convent St. Benedict Benedictine Sisters of Oshikuku

Tel: 065/254536

P.O.Box 1429  Oshakati

Oshitutuma Clinic, Tel: 065-254536

Christ the King Parish


P.O.Box 139, Otavi

St. Antonius Parish

P.O. Box 68,

Otjiwarongo,Voortekker Road

Our Lady of Assumption Parish

Tel:067/302149/302127, Fax: 067/303821

P.O. Box 354, Otjiwarongo

Fr. Jean-P. Lwele OMI(Pastor), Cell: 0814366280

Fr. Frans Van Wyk, OMI, Cell:0813107532

MSC Novitiate 

Tel: 067/302169, Fax:067/304148

e-mail: Send an email

P.O. Box 68, Otjiwarongo

HOUSE THERESA, Tel: 067/302522

OLSH Pre-Novitiate, Tel: 067/302682

Send an email

Maria Assumpta Parish

P.O. Box 354, Otjiwarongo

Priest House: Tel:067/302127

Parish Priest: Fr. Martin Apolonarius

Fr. Frans Konrad (Assist.)

Office: Tel:067/302149, Fax:067/303821

Hostel: Tel:067/302861

St. Charles Borromeo Parish

Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing


P.O. Box 75, Oshifo, Ruacana

Holy Rosary

R.C.Mission, P.O.Box 3, Swakopmund

Parish Priest: Tel: 064/406938/403362

Ass. Parish Priest: Tel: 064/406465

MSC Sisters, Antonius Residence

Tel: 064/402371

P.O. Box  2773 , Swakopmund

Holy Cross Sisters, Stella Maris


P.O. Box 1996 Swakopmund

TamariskiaSt. Stefanus Parish

MSC Sisters Boarding – Marienheim Hostel


P.O. Box 302, Swakopmund

E-mail: Send an email

Mondesa:  Holy Family Parish

P.O. Box 1834 Swakopmund

Parish Priest, Tel:064/402197

Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing – Haus St. Benedikt  

Tel: 064 -404870/Fax:064/404585

P.O. Box 941 Swakopmund

St. Barbara’s Parish


P.O.Box 12, Tsumeb

St. Francis of Assisi Parish

Tel:067/220690(H), Tel: 067/220190/ 222475(w)

P.O.Box 12   Tsumeb

Fr. Apolinarius  Martin (Pastor),

Fr. Frans Konrad (Assist.)

Sister Leoni Care Centre

Tel: 067/220204

St. Francis Primary School


P.O.Box 1872  Tsumeb

CARITAS Deanery coordinator

Lemmy Geingob Tel: 067 – 221056

P.O. Box 1028 Tsumeb

Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing          


P.O. Box 1586 Tsumeb

R.C. MISSION           

P/B 503 Ombalantu

Priest House: Tel/Fax:065/251534 (h), Tel:065/250300 (W)

Sacred Heart Sisters, Tel: 065/250337

P.O. Box 756 Outapi


Canisianum R. C. High School:


P.O. Box 202 Outapi

Clinic: Tel:065/250307

CAA: Tel/Fax: 065-250365

R.C. Parish Anamulenge

Adm. Mrs Cecilia Anghuwo Cell: 0812993149

P/B 503 Ombalantu


R.C. Parish Olupaka: St Anthony of Pandua

Mr. Onesmus Shipwata (Parish Leader)

P/Bag 503 Ombalantu, Tel:065/250300


R.C. Parish Onelago: Assumption of the Blessed Virgin

Adm. Mrs Adelheid Ashipala (Parish Leader) Cell: 0812807448

P.O. Box 399 Ombalantu


R.C. Parish Osisiya

Adm. Ephraim Kalumbu Cell:  0812685891

P.O.Box 64 Ombalantu


R.C. Parish Ipanda

Dcc. Germanus Andjene Cell: 0812952649

P.O.Box 36 Ombalantu


R.C. Parish Ondombehethindi

Dcc. Joseph Naunyango Cell: 0813295984

P.O.Box 161 Ombalantu


R.C. Parish Omuulukila

Dc. Isidor Kanyangela      Cell: 0812586196

P.O.Box 27 Ombalantu


R.C. Parish Ombafi

Dc. Frans Naimhwaka Cell 0812748249

P.O.Box 1074 Outapi – Ombalantu


R.C. Parish Ruacana: St. Charles Borromeo

Mr.Patrick  Shilongo(Parish Leader), Cell: 0812901055, Tel:065/272068

P.O.Box 51, Ruacana


Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing   Tel:065/272055

P.O. Box 75  Ruacana-Oshifo


R.C. Parish Iilyateko: St Joseph Mukasa

Parish Leader Mrs Faustina Nashilongo, Cell:0812838119

P.O.Box 182 Tsandi Uukwaluudhi

Deputy Parish Leader- Mrs Hilma Frans

Cell: 0812954000

R.C.M. OSHIKUKU: St Theresa of the child Jesus

Fr Johannes Nghikevali(Pastor) Cell: 0812146801

Tel: 065/254552  (H)    Tel/Fax: 065/254514

P/Bag 5517 Oshakati

Fr Christophelus Andrias (Assistant),



Benedictine Sisters of Oshikuku, St. Joseph’s House Generalate

Tel:065/254507, Cell: 0812841921

P.O. Box 5142 Oshikuku,

e-mail: Send an email


R.C. Parish Okathitu


P/Bag 5517 Oshakati


R.C. Parish Omutaku

Dc. Thomas Shiningayamwe

Tel:065/256588 (h)

P/B X 5511 Oshakati


R.C. Parish Etayi

Mr. George Nanghanda Cell: 0811498576

P.O.Box 2854  Oshakati


R.C. Parish Onampila

Dc. John Shivoro Tel:065/225048 (h), Cell:0811270009

P.O.Box 126  Oshakati


Omuthitugwonyama Parish

Dcc. Gerhard Amadhila Cell: 0812786857

P.O. Box 292 Oshakati


R.C. Parish Uukwanashikale: The Guardian Angels


P.O.Box 296  Oshakati            


R.C. Parish Uutsima

P.O.Box 2884  Oshakati


Priest in charge: Fr. Nazario Kuatouta

P.O. Box 18043 Onandjamba-Okalongo

Tel: 065-253526/Fax: 065-253569, Cell: 0816509082

E-mail: Send an email

Fr. Namolo  & Dc. Eusebiu Shoovaleka (Parish Leader) Cell:0812629113


MSC Sisters – Okalongo Tel: 065/253515

P.O. Box 18043 Onandjaba – Okalongo


R.C. Parish Olyavahenge:St Otto:First Martyrs of Rome

Mr. Michael Shikongo (Parish Leader) Cell: 0812710031

P.O.Box 291 Oshakati


R.C. Parish Ohakadu

Adm. Gabes Kolongongo, Cell: 0812749293

P/B X 5517 Oshakati


R.C. Parish Oshali

Adm: Protacius Uuyuni, Cell: 0812632341

P/B X 5517 Oshakati

R.C.M. OKATANA: Christ the King

P.O. Box 2, Oshakati Tel:065/220102, Fax:065/221302,

Email: Send an email

Dc.Mauritius Niipare (Parish Leader) Tel:065/111314(H)

Dc Paulus Moses (Deputy Parish. Leader) Cell:0812351517

Fr Joseph Hatutale,OMI(pastor)

Fr Antonius Alugodhi,OMI

Catholic AIDS Action Tel:065/222851

S P School Tel:065/221310


Amutanga Parish

Dc. Andreas Shivute


Box 129 Oshakati


Ongwediva Parish

Dc. Albert Ndahelele, Cell:0812340511

Box 1113 Oshakati Tel: 065/231907(h)


Omagongati Parish: St Ignatius of Loyola

Mr. Dominikus Ugwanga  Cell:

Box 1523 Oshakati


Emono Parish

Box17842 Oshakati

P.O.Box 378 Oshakati


Oshakati Parish: The Martyrs of Uganda

Dc. Feliciano Negongo (Parish Leader) Cell:0812344771


Omeege Parish

Dc. Dominikus Iipinge Tel:065/230162(h), Cell: 0812440526

P.O. Box 962 Oshakati

C Mission, Ongha

St. Theresa of Child Jesus Church

Tel/Fax: 065/245480(H)

e-mail: Send an email

Fr. Sanish Plakoottathil msfs (Pastor)

P.O. Box 901, Ongha


Ondangwa Parish: Mary of Fatima

Mrs Letitia Tutaleni, Cell: 0816688110

P.O.Box 667 Oshakati


Ongha Parish

Mrs Hilma Blasius, Cell: 0812555363

Epalala, Eexumba


Omafo Parish

Mr Moniku Sh Ng, Cell: 0813029588

Ouhongo, Okatope


Eemboo Parish

Mrs Blandina Hundapiti, Cell: 0812315423

Oshimwaku, Onangama, Ohaingu


Oshikango Parish

Mr Theofelus Simon, Cell: 0812945015

Okanghudi, Onengali


Eenhana Parish

Mr Felix Hamokola, Cell: 0814477571

Oheti, Etope


Okongo Parish

Mr. Robert Shinime, Cell:0813121326

Etakaya, Omhitoyananime, Okaani, Eenyana, Oshamukweni


Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing – Ongha

Tel: 065/245460

P.O. Box 125, Ongha

R.C. Mission

PArish Priest: Fr Clemente Mario, MS

Tel: 065-244164    Cell: 0856326013

Cell: 0813080518

P.O. Box 19056, Omuthiya


Benedictine Sisters of Oshikuku

Tel: 065 – 244164


R.C. Omahinda Parish

Onakankuzi, Epandulo, Onamanyoka Onanke, Ohailungu, Okashana Kelao, Oshana Shepandela, Omutsegwonime


R.C. Onyavie Parish

Ominghono, Okambuwa


R.C, Onyati Parish

Eyamba, Okuundu, Uudhiya, Ehafo Mateus