Keetmanshoop Diocese

Bishop Willem Christiaans OSFS

P.O. Box 88, Keetmanshoop

Cell: 0812411022

Tel: 063-222007

Fax: 063-222303

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Vicar General: Fr Joseph Kunjaparambil, Cell: 081293 8588

P.O. Box 56, Keetmanshoop

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SMIC Sisters House Tel/Fax: 063/222303

Cathedral Parish St. Stanislaus

Presbytery and Office: Tel:063/223732

Dc. Jan Hartung: Cell: 0811280731

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Pastoral Centre

Tel:063/222515, Fax:063/222515,

P.O.Box 88, Keetmanshoop

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish

OLPH P.O.Box 56  Keetmanshoop

Fr. Joseph Kunjaparambil msfs, Cell: 0812938588

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Ass. Priest Fr Libin Chraparambil, msfs

Presbytery & Office: Tel: 063/223494 Fax:063/224426,

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OSFS Sisters’ House   Tel: 063/222022, Fax:063/222770

Sr Maura Wilhelmina (Superior)

P.O. Box 56 Keetmanshoop

St Mathias School, Tel:063/222043

St Don Bosco School, Tel:063/222519, Fax: 063/226053

St. Andrew R.C. Parish


P.O. Box 122 Aranos

Dc. Stephanus Diergaardt Cell: 0814699621

Cambridge House/Hostel/Farm


P.O. Box 122 Aranos

Cambridge Primary School

Tel: 063/272119

P.O. Box 134 Aranos

Mater Dolorosa Parish

Fr J. Konigseder OSFS


P.O. Box 14 Aroab

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Aroab Health Centre

Tel: 063/280511 Fax: 063/280756,

P.O. Box 7, Aroab

MSC Sisters 

P.O. Box2124, Keetmanshoop

Tel:063/280550 Fax:063/280552, Cell:0813006347

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R.C. Hostel Tel:063/280730

St Teresa of the Child Jesus Parish

Tel: 063/258036

P.O.Box 72 Aus

St Peter Claver Parish 


P.O.Box 44 Bethanien

P.O.Box 39

St Peter Claver Hostel staff: Tel:063283906

St Joseph Parish

Tel: 063/270726

P.O.Box 80 Karasburg

OSFS Sisters: Sr Francoise A (Superior)

Hostel: Tel: 063/270701

St Joseph Primary School Tel: 063/270703

St. Joseph Hostel Staff Tel: 063/270973

Most Holy Name of Jesus Parish

Tel/Fax: 063/251008

P.O. Box 10   Gibeon

MSC Sisters Tel: 063/251012

Our Lady of Good Cousel Parish

Tel: 063/280064

P.O. Box 21 Ariamsvlei

R.C. Mission Witkrans, St. Francis Xavier Parish   


P.O. Box 57 Stampriet

Witkrans Primary School Tel:063/260123

P.O Box 57 Stampriet

Holy Trinity Parish 

Tel: 063/270516, Fax: 063/270517

P.O. Box 1 Karasburg

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Parish Priest: Fr Benedict Cell: 0812178313

Ass. Priest:  Fr Eliot, Cell: 0817356858

OSFS Sisters Convent Tel:063/270036

Sr Francoise Anastasia (Superior)

Sts. Peter & Paul and Christ the King Parishes 

Tel/Fax 063/202531

P.O. Box 71

Fr Jijesh Paul msfs, Cell: 0817901581

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Fr Bokern: Tel: 063/202537

Holiday house Tel:063/203071

Dc. Lenny De Klerk, Cell: 0812580866

Maria Immaculata Parish

Tel: 063/240539 Fax: 063/240565

P.O. Box 22 Mariental

Dc. Engelbert H. J Swartbooi, Cell: 0817758709

Immaculata Conference Centre

Tel: 063/241900

Br Heinrich: Cell: 0812214115

OSFS Provincial

Tel: 063/242064, Fax: 063/241284

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OSFS HARDAP                 

Tel: 063/242064

Our Lady of the Scared Heart Parish

MSC Sisters

Tel: 063/242129, Fax: 063/242396

P.O. Box 52

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Kitchen: Tel: 063/242193

Sacred Heart Hospice Tel: 063/242136

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St. Anne’s Parish  


P.O. Box 57


Sacred Heart Parish

Tel: 062/522041, Fax: 062/524024

P.O. Box 3011 Rehoboth

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Dc. Adolf Kinda, Cell: 0812703481

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MSC Sisters Tel:062/52386

P.O. Box 3011 Rehoboth

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St. Mary’s Hospital Rehoboth 

Tel:062/522006/7, Fax:062/522308

P.O. Box 3001, Rehoboth

St. Mary’s Pre-Primary School


P.O. Box 4334 Rehoboth

St. Joseph’s Primary School

Tel:062/522167, Fax:062/522610

P/Bag 1037 Rehoboth

St. Joseph’s Hostel


P.O.Box 3011  Rehoboth

The Matron Call Box Tel:062/176208

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St. Patrick’s Primary School


P.O. Box 105 Kalkrand

The Principal Tel:063/265042 (a/h)

St. Konrad Parish


P.O. Box 31 Stampriet

St. Leoni Aviat Parish P.O.Box 14  Noordoewer

St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Parish


P.O. Box 2061

Parish Priest: Fr Derrick Apollos

Cell: 0812043884, Keetmanshoop

Novitiate: SMIC Sisters

P.O. Box 2061 Keetmanshoop

Sr. Beatrix Mokwena SMIC

Tel/Fax:063/257203, Cell: 0813934027

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Dc. F.B. Goraseb Tel: 063/257112 (h)

P.O. Box 1836 Keetmanshoop

Nowak Primary School Tel:063/257230

St. Therese Junior Sec. School

Brothers CMM Tel:063/257241

St. Francis de Sales Parish

P.O. Box 37 Warmbad

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