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Every country has a Conference of the Bishops of that nation. It is a theologically and canonically founded organ of the church. It is an organ of unity, coordination and mutual collaboration of the bishops within the nation. It allows the bishops of the region to get know each other and deliberate on ecclesiastical questions and necessities of common interest. The bishops of a Conference work together for the good of their churches and to participate with generosity, together with the Roman Pontiff.  Such a Conferences is necessary, useful and sometimes absolutely indispensable in as much as it responds to the needs of the cultures of the region.

The Namibian Catholic Bishops’ Conference (NCBC) was established in 1996. The Conference is an assembly of the Catholic Bishops of  Namibia – the Archdiocese of Windhoek,  Diocese of Keetmanshoop and Apostolic Vicariate of Rundu. The Bishops , together with the clergy and the faithful of the Conference area, commit themselves and their activities to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and affirm our belonging to the Universal Body of Christ as we journey toward the Father in whom is the fullness of life and love, both now and forever.

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