Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We have just concluded the season of Lent when we underwent the process of renewal in
preparation for the most longed-for celebration of the Paschal Mystery. May the light of
Easter pervade in us in everything we do to accomplish our mission as priests, religious
and lay faithful in such a manner that we are able to open the different tombs that we
encounter in life.


 Fr Antonius Tshivute Alugodhi, OMI was ordained on 31 December 2022 at
Oshikuku Mission.
Congratulations and enjoy your priesthood.

 Br Gabriel Shikongo, MSC was ordained as a Deacon by Bishop Emeritus
Hugh Slattery, MSC in Otjiwaronago on 10 December 2022. He is scheduled to
be ordained to the priesthood on 17 June 2023 at Holy Rosary Parish,

Hereunder, follows the list of those confirmed in the last few months.

St Boniface-Pionierspark 37, Corpus Christi Parish 43
Opuwo Parish 21,  Iilyateko Parish 32
St Mary’s Cathedral 73,  Anamulenge Parish 126
Holy Redeemer-Katutura 91,  Onelago Parish 155
Stella Maris Parish 5,  Iipanda Parish 45
St Peter’s Parish-Narraville 19,  Ondombehethindi Parish 59
Kuisebmund Parish 57,  Osisiya Parish 145
Otjiwarongo Parish 99,  Ombafi Parish 92
St Francis Parish-Tsumeb 48,  Olupaka Parish 89
St Barbara Parish-Tsumeb 4 Ruacana Parish 48
Usakos Parish 11,  Omuulukila 127
Karibib Parish 11

Let us pray for these newly confirmed Catholics to be committed witnesses of the risen
Lord and to grow daily in their encounter with Him through prayer.


4.1 Final Vows:
 Sr Mary Placid Joseph, OSB and Sr Maurice Mary Kamari, OSB
made their final vows on 01 October 2022 at St Benedict’s Priory
House Chapel.
 Sr Genita Latenda Alberto, OSB; Sr Eunique Liileimo Altino, OSB;
Sr Motodia Rosalina Lidinikeni Venacio, OSB – made their final
vows on 06 January 2023 at St Theresa of the Child Jesus, Oshikuku.
4.2 First Profession
 Sr Celine Kandjeke, MSC and Sr Martha Ndeulita, MSC made their
first vows on 04 February 2023 in Otjiwarongo.
 Sr Christiana Mungeli, OSB, Sr Mirjam Johannes, OSB and Sr
Mary Joachim Iiyambo, OSB – 11 February 2023 at St Benedict’s
Priory House Chapel.
 Sr Patricia Hill, SMIC, Sr Eva Endjala, SMIC and Sr Magdalena
Sakaria, SMIC took their first vows on 11 February 2023 – Gunichas.
Congratulations to all for this milestone in your lives. Be assured of our
continuous prayers.

5.1 60 th Diamond Jubilee: Religious Profession
 Sr Agrippina Ashipala, OSB and Sr Margareta Maria Kakololo, OSB –
celebrated at St Benedict’s Priory on 01 October 2022.
 SMIC’s 60 th Anniversary Celebration of their presence in the Archdiocese
of Windhoek – in October 2022
5.2 Silver Jubilee: 25 years of Religious Life
 Sr Monika Nyanyukweni Kiinge, OSB
 Sr Hermine Naapopye Shiimbashike, OSB
Celebrated their thanksgiving occasion on 06 January 2023 at St Theresa
of the Child Jesus, Oshikuku Mission.


 Sr Veronika Iita, MSC, Provincial Superior has announced her new team:
Sr Verena Iipakwa, MSC, Sr Susanna Endjala, MSC, Sr Agnes Kakololo,
MSC and Sr Christine Mateus, MSC.

 Newly appointed Oblate Provincial Council:
Fr Rufus Nekondo, OMI (Provincial Superior)
Fr Thimotheus Hausiku, OMI (Vicar Provincial)
Fr Maurus Kakuru, OMI, Fr Joseph Hatutale, OMI
Fr Albertus Sheehama, OMI, Fr Bonaventure Iipinge, OMI (Bursar)
 Fr Raymund Shikesho, OMI has been appointed as the Parish Priest of
Omaruru Pastoral District and is being deputized by Fr Jokobus Ananias, OMI.
 The newly ordained Fr Antonius Alugodhi, OMI is transferred as
assistant Parish Priest to Okatana Pastoral Region.
 Fr Petrus Kambanda, OMI has been appointed as the new Director of the
OMI Pre-novitiate, Döbra.

 OSB-Tutzing new arrivals: Sr Jacob Goo, OSB – Priory House,
Procurator’s Office and Sr Basilia Hwang, OSB – RC Hospital, Finance Office

 Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI died in Rome on 31 January 2023 aged
95 and was buried on 05 January 2023. His memorial mass was held on
18 January 2023 in our Church Province at St Mary’s Cathedral,
 Preaching Parish Missions has commenced and some pastoral
Deaneries are already engaged in it. Emphasis should be put both on the
themes I have forwarded previously to the Deans as well as on synodality.
Those who are dragging behind should follow suit.
 Gender-Based Violence – is our theme for this year as decided by our
Archdiocesan Pastoral Council Meeting (APCM). Please work on it
vigorously in our parishes and be aware of what is happening in our
communities, in particular and in our society, in general. Then take
concrete action to combat this evil. Conscientize the parishioners from
the pulpit to know what is happening around us and in the country. Pray
continuously for the end of GBV.
 Legal Papers reminders: All our expatriate church personnel are
reminded to regularly check the expiration date of your passport or work
visa, so as not to be caught off guard which will make it difficult to get it
processed in time by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration if it is
out of negligence from our side.
 Parliamentarians’ Service: It has become now our custom for NCBC-
Parliamentary Liaison Office (CPLO) to organize annually the
Eucharistic Celebration for our Catholic Parliamentarians, to praise the
Lord and receive the blessing before commencing with their work. This
year, the event was held on 19 February 2023 at St Boniface Parish,
being presided over by Rev Bishop Willem Christiaans, OSFS. It was
indeed, a prayerful and faith-strengthening experience for our Catholic
public office bearers. Thanks for your participation.
 Transactions to Head Office. Please be reminded to always stipulate
the purpose of the payment being made, i.e. for what it is e.g. PMS
collection – Mission Sunday. This will help us verify the funds being
 Walk with Christ Pilgrimage 2023. As usual, it was organized by
the youth commencing from St Mary’s Cathedral and closing with the
Holy Mass at the Poor Clares Monastery. The theme chosen was “Your
word is a lamp for my feet, a light for my path” – Ps 119:105. The event
was indeed, well attended and spiritually rejuvenating.
 World Youth Day – Lisbon, Portugal. I am strongly encouraging all
the delegates from our Church Province, to prepare well for this spiritual
event or encounter with the Holy Father, Pope Francis. Represent
Namibia well and proudly. Please note that you are not going for a tour.
When returning, be ready to give a feedback both to the youth and
parish community.


 Vacation/Home Leave: Sr Stephanie Zamoras, OSB (PS). She will be
on home leave as from 21 April-23 June 2023. In her absence, please
send all urgent messages via this email address:
of the Archdiocese. I would like to wish her a well-deserved rest at home.

Praying for those recovering: Fr Venancius Makabanyane, OMI, Sr Augusta
Kunz, OSB, Sr Gregentia Haingura, OSB and Sr Susanna Nangolo, OSB

(a) Sr Marita Haarman, OSB – passed away on 04 April 2023 in Tutzing,
Germany. She worked for many years in Namibia, especially in the health
sector. May the Lord reward her abundantly and grant her eternal rest.

As I end up this circular letter, may I take this opportunity to thank all of you for
all the efforts you have exerted to make our Archdiocese a concrete manifestation
of synodality and to wish all of you, happy Easter! May you continue to work with
utmost zeal to end the GBV (gender-based violence) in our Archdiocese and the
world at large, so that we can truly say, Christ is risen! “This is the day that the
Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad. Alleluia.” (Ps 118:24)

Sincerely yours in the Lord,

+Most Rev. Archbishop Liborius Ndumbukuti Nashenda, OMI