Cassinga Day, 4 May 1978 (42 years ago)
should be seen within the context of Namibian
liberation struggle whereby sons and daughters of the
soil have sacrificed their lives for freedom,
dignity and respect of each person as created in the
image and likeness of God.
We learn six lessons from the Cassinga  event:
(a)  independence did not come about on a silver plate –
       meaning that it involved a lot of sacrifice: lives,
       resources etc.
(b)  we should thank and acknowledge the contribution of
       men and women who tirelessly offered themselves for
       the just cause in order for each Namibian person to
       enjoy the dignity of being recognized today as a human
(c)  that peace is an expensive commodity and should not be
       tempered with in any circumstances through  hidden
       agenda in the form of, among others, gaining public
(d)  we should not forget the involvement and intervention
       of God  in all these events or processes/unfoldings;
(e)  in order to preserve/protect our hard-won freedom and
       human emancipation – let us unite therefore, and fight
       against all forms of destructive forces: e.g.  corruption,
       tribalism, indifference, greed, structural or institutional
       injustices, and consequently, endeavour upholding our
       democracy;  and
(f)  above all, let us continue praying unceasingly for our
       beloved country, especially during this time of
       COVID-19 pandemic, to enjoy the long-deserved
       peace and  tranquility in the spirit of national
+Archbishop Liborius Ndumbukuti Nashenda, OMI