The Archdiocese of Windhoek has concluded it’s strategic Planning which aimed to address the theme: New Evangelization. It aimed at revisiting catechesis amongst the faithful in different categories found in the parishes as well as in the deaneries. Each deanery had identified areas which she thought were essential for special attention. During the APCM which just concluded recently (02.09.2018) in Dobra, the Archbishop Nashenda, Vicar General and the delegates from all over the Archdiocese, helped by the Strategic Planning Committee, has come up with another theme, which will also run for the period of Five Years. The New Theme will focus on: Marriage Preparations and Family Life. How can the diocese/parishes/deaneries helps in terms of catechizing those who are planning to contract their marriages and how do our church established bodies do assists in fostering the permanency of Family Life?

By: Fr. VS Shiimi